Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A day with Daddy

Today I stayed at home with Daddy whilst Mummy went to London to have her hair cut. After we took Top Ender to school Daddy took me to Town to have my haircut. I was really good and the man talked to me about my favourite TV programmes and cut my hair so that it was nice and neat. He gave me a special tissue to wipe away the bits of hair that were on my face and he let me keep it so I put it in my pocket.

As I was a really good boy, Daddy let me go to Greggs to buy a doughnut for me and for Top Ender and then when we came home Daddy helped me wash off all the hair that was left on me. He did it by pouring big jugs of water on me whilst I stood up in the bath. It was funny!

When I got dry I ate my doughnut and played Donkey Kong on the Wii because Daddy didn't know that I wasn't supposed to have the Wii for a week! I did tell him afterwards though. For lunch Daddy made me a ham and cheese sandwich and I wanted a chocolate biscuit like the ones I saw in Greggs that had stars on, but we didn't have any of them so Daddy found a chocolate biscuit in the cupboard and scored a star on it! It made me happy.

After we had lunch we watched TV together and we played Lego before we went to pick Top Ender up from school. We hadn't brought eggs when we went out so we walked to the shop and Daddy brought eggs and chocolate for me and Top Ender. And then when we got home we played in the garden and Top Ender went to get changed and she took ages!

For dinner tonight we made butterfly pizza because Top Ender wanted to make butterfly pizza and I helped Daddy put the tomato paste and cheese on top of them like Top Ender too. Mummy phoned up to say that she was going to be at the train station and so we decided that we would leave the pizzas in the oven and go and collect her as a surprise. Mummy had a new haircut and it was pretty but I said that she looks like Granny. She wasn't happy about it.

When we got home we ate our pizza and then Top Ender and I played on the Den computer until it was time for us to go to bed. It was a nice day with Daddy but I will miss him when he goes to work tomorrow.

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A bus trip to the City

Mummy and me were supposed to be waiting in today for some fish. Mummy gets lots of things sent to her and I like when some things come because they are for me but the fish I don't like because it is boring. Mummy says though that if I eat up the fish when she cooks it I will be big and strong and so I guess I have to believe her, because she is big and strong.

Mummy was reading her emails when she laughed because she had got the day wrong. The fish wasn't coming until Thursday and so we were waiting in for nothing. Then Mummy said we had to go to the City and that we had to go and get the bus so we went and waited at the bus stop and then the bus took us to the city. When we were at the city Mummy went to a hairdressers because she had to get tested with some gunk. They only ever cut my hair with scissors so I don't know why they put gunk on her.

After we went to McDonalds and I had a Happy Meal and I ate it in Queens Court sitting by the water. Mummy's coat dipped in the water and she said she was silly. Then we went to Boots and Mummy brought some lunch for her and I sneaked a chocolate bar in her basket for my pudding.

We went home on the bus and when we got off near Top Enders school, Mummy said I could go to the park or I could go home. I wanted to go to the park and I played for ages with a girl who was there with her Granny and then Mummy said we had to walk to the school to get Top Ender.

We had jacket potatoes with cheese and beans for dinner which was on the family meal plan and I wasn't allowed to play on the Wii because Mummy said I was naughty at School and hurt someone. I don't like not playing on the Wii.

Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers Day

It was Mothers Day today and we woke Mummy up with cards and breakfast in bed. She was very thankful and she gave me and Top Ender lots of kisses. We went back downstairs with Daddy and we ate more breakfast because we had already had some brioche. When Mummy got up Daddy said that me and him and Top Ender were going out for a little while. Mummy had said we should go and have fun whilst she caught up on some work, but I think she just wanted to play on the computer without us.

We went to Splash Zone at Gullivers Park and it wasn't very busy but it was lots of fun. There are lots of slides that you can go on and little bits of water to splash in and to get wet under. Daddy came with me because he wanted to go on some of the slides to but I soon zoomed off without him. When we went to get dressed Daddy told Top Ender that she could stay and play for a few more minutes as the changing rooms were really small. Me and Daddy got dressed and then we waited for Top Ender to get dressed.

Daddy took us for a picnic lunch but because it was raining we ate it in the car. We had some chicken legs and some sausages and sausage rolls and juice. It was nice because I sat in the front with Daddy and Top Ender sat behind me but I didn't like the little egg balls so we took them home for Mummy.

When we got home Mummy was pleased to see us and she asked us lots of questions about the splash zone but if she wanted to know about it she should have come! After a little while Mummy went to make dinner because we have a roast on Sundays. We all sat at the table and then we had a bath and then we played on the Mario Party game and Mummy won. I wanted to win, but Mummy said that I might win next time and that it is just a luck thing.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sausage muffin day

On Saturdays after Mummy has been on the radio we like to go out and do things like a walk or go shopping and today we wanted to do that but it was raining so we didn't think going for a walk would be a good idea. Me and Mummy built a big fort with my Lego Duplo and I had a sausage muffin that Mummy made. Top Ender didn't get up for ages and so I had some snacks with Mummy and we watched some TV together too.

When it was time to get dressed I got dressed with Daddy and he had to go and do some things so he said that when he was coming back he would get me my lunch which was a McDonalds today. Me and Top Ender shared a big nugget share box and it was yummy.

We did go for a walk at the City and we looked in some shops and I sat down on the floor in the big hall and ate a cookie. I liked eating my cookie. When we finished at the shops we went home and we all played lots of different games and with different toys and then I played Donkey Kong with Daddy on the Wii.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Top Enders Friend

Top Ender had a friend come round after school today. Mummy said that I had to let them play on their own but I wanted to play with them too! Top Enders friend was really nice and did play with me and she held my hand on the way home with Top Ender.

Mummy let me watch Dinosaur Train on the TV whilst they were playing and then we all made pizza together and then whilst Mummy cooked it we all played in the garden again. We all sat at the table together and we listened to music that Mummy played. She played songs from Phineas and Ferb and from Hairspray. Mummy made us laugh because she did dancing that was funny whilst listening to the music!

We had ice-cream for pudding and we ate it in the garden and then when Mummy and Top Ender took Top Ender's friend home me and Daddy played on the Wii and did some Donkey Kong. I went to bed early because Mummy and Daddy wanted to eat their dinner and they said that they couldn't eat it without me and Top Ender being in bed.

I watched some cartoons in bed but I fell asleep really quick... well at least Mummy said I did!

Sunday, 11 March 2012

A walk, an Ice-Cream and a film

Today we went for a walk in the countryside as it was a really lovely day and Mummy and Daddy said we should make the most of it whilst we can. Before we went to the woods Daddy said that the woods were haunted but we didn't see any ghosts whilst we were there. I found lots of ladybirds and Mummy gave me a Mummy Home School Point for finding one!

When we got back to the car because it was so hot we all had an orange juice drink that Mummy keeps in the car. On the way back home I fell asleep in the car and Mummy snuck into Tesco's and brought some Ice-Creams and some new pants and socks for me!

When we got home we had an Ice-Cream in the garden and Mummy came and sat with out with us too. Then Mummy had to go and cook dinner, so she turned the radio up loud so that we could hear it in the garden so she would feel she was part of the fun.

After we had dinner we watched a film on the projector. It was nice to watch a big film and Daddy made us popcorn too.

Thursday, 8 March 2012

A bedtime treat

There was a parcel delivered today and Mummy said I wasn't allowed to look in it until she said. It wasn't until after she had made dinner and we had got our pyjamas on that she opened up the parcel and it was a Smubbles Bubble Blower! We had lots of fun jumping around the living room and bursting the bubbles and then sniffing the smell they left behind.

We all had a cuddle on the sofa because Mummy said that we were too excited to go to bed and that we had to calm down. I liked having a cuddle with Mummy and Top Ender because they are my friends.

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Family game night

I got up with Daddy today and I was allowed to play on the Wii with him and play Donkey Kong with him. I like playing Donkey Kong with him because Daddy is really good and has been helping me to win. 

It was raining today and Daddy ran into the kitchen and found that the roof was leaking, Daddy quickly turned off the lights in the whole of the downstairs because he said we didn't want to get electrocuted. We went out to the shops to buy something to put on the roof to stop the leak and as we were getting in the car the rain started to turn into snow!

We had a Roast dinner again today which was nice because Mummy gave me some Yorkshire Puddings which  I like the most and she gave me Chicken that was nice. She told me that it was out of Chicken Nuggets and so I ate it all up, but I know that it was from the Chicken that she cooked in the kitchen.

After we had dinner together today we played on the Wii and played Mario Party 9 together. It was lots of fun even though Top Ender won and I didn't. It made me really mad but I know that it doesn't matter because we will play again another day and then I will win.

Saturday, 3 March 2012

A fun Saturday

Mummy, Daddy, Top Ender and I had lots of fun today. In the morning it was just me and Mummy who got up and we pretended to be Surgeons and we sewed up Super Dog so that he would be able to take part in our version of Crufts. I was really excited that Mummy fixed Super Dog and I gave him lots of cuddles after.

We went to the park in the morning and we had it all to ourselves! We all played on the swings and Daddy took some 3D video of me on the swing and then Mummy and Daddy took pictures of us all on my Pirate Ship Climbing Frame.

Standing on the Climbing Frame

Daddy went and got me and Top Ender a McDonalds for lunch and he made a Bacon Burger for Mummy and him. I got ketchup all over my face but Mummy wiped it up with some Tesco face wipes that Tesco sent to her.  They smell of fruit and I said I didn't like the smell but I was only joking!

At night time Daddy made me and Top Ender a funny snack for tea and after we had eaten it we played on the Wii before it was time for bed. Daddy and me brushed my teeth and then Daddy let me watch a cartoon in bed. It was a nice day together and I can't wait until tomorrow!

Friday, 2 March 2012

Bedtime with Daddy

Mummy and me had a good day today. We had chips for lunch because I wanted some and Mummy had a Hot Chocolate which she said was a good mix!

I played with my Lego and made some Boss Men to put into the Wii games so that we could fight them and Mummy read lots of books with me too. We did lots of washing and tidying up and then when Mummy had finished putting things away we went and got Top Ender from School.

Mummy made Risotto for dinner and then she had a headache so she went to bed and Daddy helped me to get to bed. Daddy told me that he was going to go shopping and that if I could be a good boy that Mummy and Top Ender would listen out for me. They didn't need to listen out for me though because I was really good and when Daddy came home he came and checked on me and Mummy said that she thought I was asleep but I wasn't I was just really quiet!

Thursday, 1 March 2012

World Book Day

Today was World Book Day and so me and Mummy decided that I would dress up as Captain Hook! I love Captain Hook because I don't think that he is as bad as everyone says and in Jake and The Neverland Pirates he is sometimes really nice. When I went to School I was still dressed up and one of the Mums had read on Facebook that I was Captain Hook and so she called me Captain Hook!

Me dressed as Captain Hook

I think I looked really good.