Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A bus trip to the City

Mummy and me were supposed to be waiting in today for some fish. Mummy gets lots of things sent to her and I like when some things come because they are for me but the fish I don't like because it is boring. Mummy says though that if I eat up the fish when she cooks it I will be big and strong and so I guess I have to believe her, because she is big and strong.

Mummy was reading her emails when she laughed because she had got the day wrong. The fish wasn't coming until Thursday and so we were waiting in for nothing. Then Mummy said we had to go to the City and that we had to go and get the bus so we went and waited at the bus stop and then the bus took us to the city. When we were at the city Mummy went to a hairdressers because she had to get tested with some gunk. They only ever cut my hair with scissors so I don't know why they put gunk on her.

After we went to McDonalds and I had a Happy Meal and I ate it in Queens Court sitting by the water. Mummy's coat dipped in the water and she said she was silly. Then we went to Boots and Mummy brought some lunch for her and I sneaked a chocolate bar in her basket for my pudding.

We went home on the bus and when we got off near Top Enders school, Mummy said I could go to the park or I could go home. I wanted to go to the park and I played for ages with a girl who was there with her Granny and then Mummy said we had to walk to the school to get Top Ender.

We had jacket potatoes with cheese and beans for dinner which was on the family meal plan and I wasn't allowed to play on the Wii because Mummy said I was naughty at School and hurt someone. I don't like not playing on the Wii.

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