Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Top Enders Friend

Top Ender had a friend come round after school today. Mummy said that I had to let them play on their own but I wanted to play with them too! Top Enders friend was really nice and did play with me and she held my hand on the way home with Top Ender.

Mummy let me watch Dinosaur Train on the TV whilst they were playing and then we all made pizza together and then whilst Mummy cooked it we all played in the garden again. We all sat at the table together and we listened to music that Mummy played. She played songs from Phineas and Ferb and from Hairspray. Mummy made us laugh because she did dancing that was funny whilst listening to the music!

We had ice-cream for pudding and we ate it in the garden and then when Mummy and Top Ender took Top Ender's friend home me and Daddy played on the Wii and did some Donkey Kong. I went to bed early because Mummy and Daddy wanted to eat their dinner and they said that they couldn't eat it without me and Top Ender being in bed.

I watched some cartoons in bed but I fell asleep really quick... well at least Mummy said I did!

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