Wednesday, 21 March 2012

A day with Daddy

Today I stayed at home with Daddy whilst Mummy went to London to have her hair cut. After we took Top Ender to school Daddy took me to Town to have my haircut. I was really good and the man talked to me about my favourite TV programmes and cut my hair so that it was nice and neat. He gave me a special tissue to wipe away the bits of hair that were on my face and he let me keep it so I put it in my pocket.

As I was a really good boy, Daddy let me go to Greggs to buy a doughnut for me and for Top Ender and then when we came home Daddy helped me wash off all the hair that was left on me. He did it by pouring big jugs of water on me whilst I stood up in the bath. It was funny!

When I got dry I ate my doughnut and played Donkey Kong on the Wii because Daddy didn't know that I wasn't supposed to have the Wii for a week! I did tell him afterwards though. For lunch Daddy made me a ham and cheese sandwich and I wanted a chocolate biscuit like the ones I saw in Greggs that had stars on, but we didn't have any of them so Daddy found a chocolate biscuit in the cupboard and scored a star on it! It made me happy.

After we had lunch we watched TV together and we played Lego before we went to pick Top Ender up from school. We hadn't brought eggs when we went out so we walked to the shop and Daddy brought eggs and chocolate for me and Top Ender. And then when we got home we played in the garden and Top Ender went to get changed and she took ages!

For dinner tonight we made butterfly pizza because Top Ender wanted to make butterfly pizza and I helped Daddy put the tomato paste and cheese on top of them like Top Ender too. Mummy phoned up to say that she was going to be at the train station and so we decided that we would leave the pizzas in the oven and go and collect her as a surprise. Mummy had a new haircut and it was pretty but I said that she looks like Granny. She wasn't happy about it.

When we got home we ate our pizza and then Top Ender and I played on the Den computer until it was time for us to go to bed. It was a nice day with Daddy but I will miss him when he goes to work tomorrow.

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