Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I like music

Today Mummy said I could wear my headphones to School and could take my ipod as long as I held her hand all the time.

So I walked all the way to School and all the way to where we stand for Top Ender and held Mummy's hand. When we got to the seats near Top Enders classroom I sat down on them and listened to my music. All of Mummy's friends were giggling at me because I had my music on.

On the way home I held Mummy and Top Enders hand and listened to my music. I didn't want to stop listening when I was taking my coat off but Mummy made me. Then Top Ender did her violin practice and me and Mummy did some jobs before Mummy let me and Top Ender watch Lilo and Stitch and then Winx Club.

Monday, 30 January 2012

No dinner on my green plate

Tonight I was sitting watching TV with Top Ender and Mummy when I remembered that I hadn't had any dinner. Mummy tried to pretend that I had because there was a pile of plates and cutlery on the fireplace but I knew I hadn't had any dinner.

I picked up my cutlery and sat on the sofa next to Mummy instead of in my little chair and talked to Mummy. She said she would go and make me something to eat and she teased me saying it would be Chicken because she knows that I don't like to eat chicken unless it is a Chicken nugget,

I had something in my eye so I used my fork to help get it out, but Mummy and Daddy said this was silly and that it was more than likely that what I had felt in my eye was really the fork! They are so silly at times thinking I wouldn't know the difference between a fork and some dirt!

Sunday, 29 January 2012

A Good Knight

Today when Mummy got up we played a little bit on the Wii and then she said that I had to get dressed. I didn't want to get dressed but Mummy told me that I had to because if I didn't we couldn't do anything fun. She said that if I got dressed I could go to Aunties house to play with my cousins for a little while. Mummy said that I could wear my Knight's outfit and so I got dressed up and everyone apart from Daddy got in the car.

I played with all my cousins apart from Chicken because Mummy held her so that everyone else could finish their morning baths and get dressed. It was nice and fun but I was glad when we came home to have lunch with Daddy. Mummy made some pizza wraps and they were nice.

In the afternoon Mummy went to a shop to buy me and Top Ender a special lunch box and when she was gone Daddy and me played on the Wii. Mummy played more Kirby with me when she got home and after she had made some treats for Daddy and Daddy made some pizza to take to work this week.

Me and Top Ender had a bath and then we went to bed. It was a nice day and I can't wait for tomorrow.

Saturday, 28 January 2012

At home family buffet

Today we didn't know what to have for dinner because we went to McDonalds yesterday. Daddy asked if Mummy wanted Chinese, but she said she had a Roasted Chicken in the Fridge. I said I wanted Chinese but because I couldn't tell Mummy what a Chinese was she said I couldn't have any! Top Ender said she thought we should go to Red Hot because we could all eat what we wanted but then Daddy said he would make a Red Hot in the kitchen! Daddy couldn't think of anything though and so Mummy took over.

Mummy made lots of nice dinner and we all got to choose lots of different bits and pieces to eat and we could have as much pudding as we wanted too. It was lots of fun and we should do it again.

Friday, 27 January 2012

A New McDonalds

I do wish Mummy and Daddy would stop moving things around. Normally we go shopping on a Saturday and then we have lunch from somewhere nice. It's a treat once a week but tonight Mummy and Daddy took us to Tesco to do the shopping and it's a Friday!

After we had been shopping we went to the McDonalds next to Tesco's. It has been done up and it has ipads and games and videos of Happy Meal Boxes in cars and bubbles and things.

I really liked it and got to play Angry Birds on one of the ipads and I told Daddy that we needed an ipad because I was really good on Angry Birds on the ipad but not on his phone or the computer.

I don't think that Daddy will get me one though.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

No Wii for me

Mummy was really mean today and wouldn't let me play on the Wii. She said that I was playing on it too much and that we had to play other things. So I played with Lego and my sword and a little on Top Ender's DS and I watched TV and Mummy made cakes and did the dishes and moved lots of things out of the kitchen into the garage.

When we got Top Ender from School she played with Lego with me and we watched Lilo and Stitch until Mummy said it was time to tidy up. She let us both have a cake that she had made and then I helped her take a parcel next door.

I was really tired when I went to bed and Mummy let me lay in her bed so that we could read some books together. She read me a book about Dinosaurs eating their food and I liked it. She kept asking me questions about the pictures in the book, which was good as there were lots of different things to see in the pictures that made the story more fun.

It was a nice day but I hope I can play on the Wii tomorrow.

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New coats, creme eggs and trainers

Today I got a new coat from Verbaudet because Mummy is part of the Verbaudet Blog Club and they sent one that she had chosen for me. Top Ender got a cape but she didn't wear it to School. I wore mine to pick Top Ender up and Top Ender and Mummy said they didn't recognise me. I like my new coat because it is really warm and it has a nice hood to keep my head and ears out of the cold!

After dinner Daddy said that he needed to go to Tesco to buy some new Trainers because his old trainers were falling apart and Mummy said that she needed to go to Tesco's to buy some things for dinner tomorrow so we all went to Tesco's! I went upstairs with Daddy to buy his trainers and Top Ender went with Mummy to get the food shopping that she needed. Mummy brought me and Top Ender a Cadbury's Creme Egg each and so we are going to eat that tomorrow after school.

It was a nice time with Mummy and Daddy and Top Ender.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Mr Golf

Today Mummy and I played some Kirby but then she said that I had to get dressed before I could play any more. We argued for ages until I climbed on Mummy's back and she carried me upstairs so I could get dressed with her.

When Mummy had got my clothes out for me, I pretended that I was someone called Mr Golf who plays Golf all the time. Mummy and Mr Golf had a good chat about how they would change my bedroom and what Mummy wants to do to make it a Big Boy's room so I can play with my cars and people and dinosaurs in there if I want.

Mr Golf and Mummy had a good morning together being silly upstairs but then I turned back into me and got dressed and came downstairs whilst Mummy did some cleaning.

I liked being Mr Golf.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Laying still

Mummy and me played a lot of games today. I started by playing with my Duplo and I built some cars and a house and a playground. It was good because I got all the drawers out on my own and Mummy let me leave them out all day so I could play with them when I wanted. Mummy did say that I had to put them away before we got Top Ender from School though and I didn't like it but she said that I had to.

Mummy said that it was Chinese New Year and so I had some Prawn Crackers today and we watched Minnie's boutique too. When Daddy got home I told him that I didn't like him going to work because I like to play with him, but I can't if he isn't here. He said he will get up with me in the morning so that I can play with him.

When I went to bed, Daddy said I mustn't hide in my cover because he and Mummy have to keep sorting it out because it gets all lumpy. I laid really still in my bed and when Daddy came to check on me I hadn't moved at all!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Chicken, Lego and Kirby

Today we went to meet the new Baby, and as she didn't do much I wasn't really interested in her. Mummy and Daddy and Top Ender all cuddled her and so did Granny but I just wanted to go home! I played with the Winnie the Pooh Duplo and made a house and I watched some TV too.

When we went back to Granny's house Daddy plumbed Grannys washing machine in and we took Granny shopping. It was alright because Granny brought me some of my favourite biscuits but I really wanted to go home so that we could finish Kirby as in the morning Daddy and Mummy had nearly finished it!

When we got home Mummy and Daddy helped me finished Kirby and I was really excited because it had taken a long time to finish it.

It was a really good day.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Dinosaur Pirate Party

When I woke up this morning Mummy got into my bed and asked me lots of questions about things that I liked and didn't like. I told her that I like bananas, apples and oranges and that I like peas and carrots and roast potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding, but that I don't like Chicken unless it is in nuggets. She laughed at me and she didn't go back to sleep and so I think that means that she liked the answers that I gave her.

When we went downstairs this morning I didn't watch TV or play on the Wii, but Mummy did make me some porridge for breakfast and she got special Orange juice for me too. After I ate that I had a banana and I liked that because Mummy remembered that I like Bananas!

After we went to the shops to get a birthday present I went to a Dinosaur Pirate Party. I dressed up as a pirate because I had a costume that I got for Christmas from Mummy and Daddy. It was lots of fun and I ran around and played and Top Ender was allowed to come to the party and so I played with her too.

Friday, 20 January 2012

An ordinary day

I woke up late this morning and Mummy got me dressed before I even had my breakfast! I thought that she was going to make me go to the shops or something but really she just wanted to get her jobs done quickly so she could play with making baby presents for Chicken!

Mummy and me played some more Kirby when Daddy went to work and Mummy got some more cogs for me. Then she said it was time to turn the computer off and we played games and I played on Top Enders DS for a little while too. For lunch Mummy made me a cheese sandwich and I wanted it cut into squares. Mummy said I was really good because I ate it all up.

Mummy made some pasta for dinner but I didn't like it because it wasn't yellow, so when I went to bed Mummy let me sneak some chocolate. I watched a bit of Ben 10 with Mummy and then she said I had to go to sleep and that she was going downstairs to watch her TV programme.

Overall it was a good day but I can't wait for tomorrow because I am going to a Dinosaur Pirate party and I can wear my Pirate costume!

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Haircuts and Food I don't like

Today we dropped Daddy off at work so that we could have the car. We drove to HobbyCraft because Mummy wanted some things and she let me look at everything too. I like looking at things in HobbyCraft but I don't like it when Mummy takes ages to look at things. We went to Asda and brought some clothes for Chicken as a gift and Mummy brought a cereal tub and some pedal bin liners to make a bin in the car.

Afterwards Mummy took me to the hairdressers. I didn't want to have my haircut but she said that I had to because my hair was too long and it needed a good cut. The lady cut my hair and it was funny after a while because Mummy kept telling me funny things to get me to sit still and look forward.

At lunchtime Mummy had made a roll for me and her and it had Chicken and Bacon inside it. I told her that I don't like Chicken but I ate the roll and the bacon. She let me have a cake that she made for Daddy's birthday as a pudding and she also let me have lots of juice.

We had pork burgers for dinner and I didn't want to eat it but Daddy helped me and then I found out that I liked them. Mummy was really pleased and cuddled me lots and she said that I was a clever boy.

When I went to bed Mummy had put on my Fireman Sam bed cover and it was nice to go to sleep with new covers.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Cousin Chicken

Today my new cousin was born. She hasn't got a name yet but I am going to call her Chicken.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Birthdays and Dinosaurs

Today was Daddy's birthday and when we woke up this morning Mummy said we had to play quiet so she could get some things ready. Mummy made breakfast for me and for Top Ender and then we got dressed so that we could sit on the bed when Daddy opened his presents. Mummy let me give Daddy my presents first. I had chosen Pepsi to give him and he was excited when he opened them up.

I played with Mummy in the daytime and with Top Ender too after School and Mummy made bread for Daddy and it smelt nice but not as nice as the cakes that she made when she was making our Roast Dinner.

In the evening when it was bed time, Nanna and Grandad came round to give Daddy a birthday card. They were funny and they gave me lots of kisses and hugs and they had some of Mummy's bread and some of her cakes too. When they went home I got ready for bed and Mummy read me some of my Dinosaur train book and then I watched some Dinosaur Train in bed.

Monday, 16 January 2012

The Library and shopping in the cold

Today we went to the library really early in the morning. Daddy dropped us off on his way to work and then me and Mummy had to wait five minutes because the Library wasn't open!

When we got into the library me and Mummy sat down in the children's area and she read me a couple of books that I found and she had hunted out. Mummy found books for Top Ender to read and for me too because Mummy says it is never too early to learn how to read. We got our books out and we filled up mine and Mummy's card because we already had some books out and so we used Top Ender's card.

We then went all the way through town looking in lots of shops and it was really cold and boring. Mummy said we had to do our jobs before we went home though because tomorrow is Daddy's birthday and Mummy thinks he would like to have some presents. I said we should get him some of his favourite juice which is Pepsi or Coke and then I found some Jammy Dodger biscuits, but Mummy says Daddy can't eat those but she put them in her basket anyway.

We got the bus home and I played Angry Birds and then I pushed the button to make the bus stop. Mummy said to me "Don't forget to say Thank you and Good Bye to the Bus Driver" but I do always remember and so I said it when I got off and the bus driver said Good Bye to me.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Olympics, Shopping and Japanese Cakes

Mummy and Daddy decided today that we should go to a new shopping centre in London. It was a long way to get there but I had a sleep and so it wasn't that bad. When we got there Mummy and Daddy showed us where the Olympics are going to be held and then when we went into John Lewis we could look right out a window to see the Stadium and the water polo centre and it was exciting.

We had lunch in Marks and Spencer's and Tops and I shared a ham sandwich, a packet of sausages and a bowl of fruit. It was really fun because we all talked and laughed whilst we had lunch and then we went for a walk round the rest of the shops. We went into a lot of shops that we liked and we looked at lots of things and then when we had walked round everywhere Mummy and Daddy said they had another secret planned!

Daddy drove the car and it was getting dark but we drove to China Town and walked to Mummy's favourite shop the Japan Centre. It was a really great treat especially as it's nearly Chinese New Year and there were lots and lots of Lanterns hanging up in the street and outside the shops.

We ate lots of snacks during the day and so we didn't have our roast dinner like we normally do on a Sunday and when we got home it was time for bed! It was a really nice but tiring day out.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Saturdays are for family

When me and Mummy came downstairs this morning we played on Kirby for a little while. When we got to the end of the level Mummy paused the game and went to make breakfast for her and me. Just as she went to sit down to eat her breakfast Tops came downstairs and so Mummy gave her the breakfast that Mummy was going to eat and Mummy made herself a new breakfast.

We all got dressed and after Mummy talked on the radio about things that we have been doing and are going to do we went shopping. I went shopping with Mummy this week and Tops went with Daddy to take some things to the Charity shop and then we got a McDonalds because it was our Saturday treat.

Daddy went out to some shops to get some things and whilst he was gone me and tops and Mummy played on Kirby again and we got all the parts we needed for the spaceship! It was really good and we all cheered but we haven't won the next level yet.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Ikea only sells Hot Dogs and Ice Cream

When Daddy got home from work tonight we went to Ikea. Mummy said it was because we needed something secret for a fun secret family weekend project but I think it was because she didn't have anything planned for dinner and she fancied a hot dog! We had a good walk round the store and looked at the things we liked and then Mummy and Daddy spent ages looking at pillows because Daddy said he needs some new ones.

Me and Mummy queued up to get the food whilst Daddy and Tops get the pillows and secret things and Mummy ordered some chips too! We stood at one of the tables and when we were nearly finished Daddy went to buy the ice cream cones. I had a strawberry one but I couldn't finish it all and so Mummy had the cone and a bit of ice cream.

I fell asleep in the car on the way home and Daddy put me to bed and I wore my T-Shirt that was a day time one!

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Doughnuts and Buses

Today Mummy got Daddy to drop her and me into Town. Mummy wanted to go to the bank as she had to pay some money in and I wanted to buy a doughnut from Greggs. We started at the bank and I got to play with the toy table and all the ladies and men behind the counter said Hello and Goodbye to me!

In the bakers I looked at all the cakes and chose one for me and Top Ender to have and I asked Mummy to buy me some Ribena too. We waved at the lady in the cake and party shop and then Mummy brought some jeans and we brought some birthday cards for Daddy.

Mummy said we could get the bus home because I said my legs were tired. The bus we went on wasn't an old bus like normal but a new bus and the driver wasn't a normal driver either. He was funny and he talked to me and joked with Mummy too. I liked the bus because it had nice lights that were purple at the front and spot lights at the back which is where I sat with Mummy.

I ate my doughnut when I got home and Mummy said I was a messy puppy because it was all over my face. It was a really good day.

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Submarine Lunch

It was just a normal day with Mummy at home today. We played on the Wii and got some more cogs on Kirby, but Mummy said after lunchtime that I had to play something else. She wouldn't let me play more Kirby or on the Wii which was really bad, but we played other games and I watched some TV and I had a sleep and she made me a Submarine picture lunch which was nice.

A Submarine Lunch

Me and Top Ender watched two episodes of Lilo and Stitch after Top Ender had practised her violin and I like her. She is nice to me as she played with me even though Mummy kept telling us to stop being so loud and to stop running in her kitchen.

Monday, 9 January 2012

I Told Them It Was Funny

My favourite joke is;

Knock Knock
                       Who's There?
                       Banana Who?
Sorry, I can't hear you I have a banana in my ear!

Mummy and Daddy say that I learnt it from a Dora The Explorer episode, but they also say it isn't funny so I don't believe them. And when I was looking for a present for Daddy's birthday at his favourite online T-Shirt shop I found this;

I have a banana in my ear t-shirt in Latin

See I told them it was funny.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Very Cheeky Monkey

I really wanted to play on the Wii today when I came downstairs with Mummy. She said she had to wake up so she could help me play, which was silly because she was awake as she had given me a piggy back down the stairs. I watched some cartoons and I drank some Orange Juice and then Mummy said it was time to play. We played Kirby and Mummy and I completed a whole new level! I was really pleased and told Top Ender when she came downstairs a little later.

Mummy made me and Top Ender a special fried breakfast and then everyone did something they thought was fun until we went shopping. Mummy took Top Ender to do the shopping and I went with Daddy to clean the car because it was really muddy after having been at Granny's new house.

Mummy made a roast dinner whilst we watched Mr Poppers Penguins on our projector and I was sneaky with Daddy and got him to search for the Tunnocks Tea Cakes every time Mummy went out of the kitchen. Mummy had to go out of the kitchen a lot as I made Daddy give Mummy a really big glass of water to drink!

After dinner and my bath I went up to bed and my Monkey was in my bed eating sweets and watching Curious George! He is such a cheeky monkey.

It was a really nice day with everyone having fun.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Day With Granny

We went to Granny's house today so that Daddy could put together her bed and wardrobe and we could take her out for some KFC and to look for some curtains for her new home. We went to Auntie Kitty's house before we went out and I played with my cousins toys. They weren't there but they came home before we left so I got to see them. Uncle W kept saying that I was really big, but I am just as big as I was yesterday. I think that he didn't know that.

We went to go and get KFC but I fell asleep before we got there but as I didn't want any that was good. When I woke up I had a McDonalds and then we met up with Granny in Dunelm Mills, which is Granny and Mummy's favourite shop. Granny brought me a word sign that is green and says Home and I am going to get Mummy to put it in my bedroom.

At night we came home from Granny's and we watched a 3D movie on the projector with the glasses Daddy got for Christmas and then I went to bed. Mummy lay in bed with me for a little while which I liked.

I really like Granny's new house and her TV because it is big and it shows dinosaur films although Mummy says that we have the dinosaur film on the TV at our house too.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Another Evening Out

We went back to Costco's tonight to buy Granny's new TV that we had found last night. It was a really big box and Top Ender was carrying a big box of cookies for us to share too.

I like Costco but it make me sad that they have a big playground tree house but I can't go in it because Daddy and Mummy say it isn't for playing on. Daddy says that it would take up all of our garden and that it costs more than our car but Top Ender says when we win the lottery we shall have two of them in a really big garden. Mummy laughed at that but I don't know why.

I was crying at the till and the lady who served us offered me a sweet from her bag. She said I could have two and she helped me chose ones which would be okay for me to eat as she said there were some hard ones in there. Even though Top Ender wasn't crying she let her have two too.

We had to stop at Tesco's but because there was the new TV in the car me and Top Ender and Mummy stayed in the car whilst Daddy went to get a special cable. Mummy said that Auntie Kitty is going to be having her baby soon and that we should come up with some names that we can suggest that she and Uncle W call the baby. I thought that Chicken was a good name and so Mummy called Auntie Kitty and left a message to say that we think she should call the baby Chicken. I think Mummy might call the baby Chicken on her blog.

Thursday, 5 January 2012

An Evening Out

Today was a normal day with Mummy doing cleaning and playing with me and me helping Mummy when I wasn't playing. In the evening with Daddy came home he asked Mummy if we were going out and she said she had forgotten. We went to Costco because we were looking for a new TV for Granny as she has a really old one and it keeps turning itself off.

After we had looked round all of the TV's and the rest of the shop I was hungry so Mummy and Daddy asked if I would like a Hot Dog. Top Ender and I had one each and Mummy and Daddy shared our drinks with us. It was really nice and lots of fun and then afterwards we went to Tesco. Mummy and Daddy got some hot dogs for their dinner as Daddy couldn't eat the ones they sold in Costco.

I like staying up late as it means that I am a Big Boy and because I get lots of treats!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A tired day

Today Mummy wasn't feeling very well but instead of sitting down and feeling sorry for herself on the sofa she decided that what she would do was start cleaning up the living room. I said that I was too tired to help, but she tricked me into helping as I wanted to know what she was doing. We sorted out all of the things that should have been somewhere else and the things that were to go upstairs we put on the stairs. Then when everything was sorted we carried everything upstairs.

I was tired after having helped!

We had a jacket potato for lunch and sat of the sofa watching Tom and Jerry cartoons. I like Tom, but the Polar Bear didn't as he kept making Tom not eat Jerry. I went to sleep after watching the cartoon and didn't want to wake up to go and get Top Ender from school but Mummy wrapped me up warm as she said it was cold and wet outside.

When we got home Nanny came round as she hasn't come round the night before for Top Enders Birthday. She spent time with us and I showed her how to play Kirby on the DS but she wasn't very good at it.

Daddy made dinner when he got home and we all ate together even though Mummy and Daddy had something different. I was very tired because I had got up so early and so I wanted to go to bed, so once we got into our pyjamas and brushed our teeth I went to bed.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Top Enders 8th Birthday

It was Top Ender's Birthday today and Daddy was ill. Daddy didn't go to work, but me and Mummy didn't see him until it was time for Top Ender to come home as he stayed in bed so he could sleep. It was Mummy's orders and you never say No to Mummy!

When we got home from picking Top Ender up from school we were really cold but Mummy gave us a snack and we sat in our new chairs that Daddy had brought from Asda. Top Ender has a pink one and I have a black one, Mummy says it is blue but I don't believe her.

Top Ender chose dinner tonight and so we had Lasagne, Macaroni Cheese and Spaghetti Bolognese from Tesco. Mummy took a picture of me because I didn't use my cutlery and got really messy.

My eating dinner

I got all cleaned up and Top Ender and I had some birthday cake before we had a round of Mario Kart on the Wii and went to bed. It was a really great day.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Family Fun Gaming

When I woke up this morning I really wanted to play on the Wii, but Mummy suggested that I should wait until someone else woke up to play with me. When Top Ender came downstairs we played Kirby for a while but after arguing over who's fault it was that we kept dying Mummy turned the Wii off.

We went for a little walk in town as Daddy was at home and it is his last day of holiday for a while. When we got back we had lunch and played with the hexbugs I got for Christmas. Top Ender wanted to play Just Dance Juniors on the Wii and so we played together for a little while.

Big Boy playing on the Wii

It was lots of fun and we took it in turns to chose what songs we danced to. In the evening Granddad and Nanna came round to bring Top Ender's Birthday presents and we had Toad in the Hole for Tea!

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Family Fun Together

We had a fun day today. We went to the shopping centre and whilst we were there Mummy and Daddy brought me and Top Ender a sausage roll and a yum yum from Greggs the bakers.

We had gone to the shopping centre so Daddy could spend his vouchers that he got for Christmas from his Mummy and so that we could also have a bit of exercise. Mummy says that walking round the shopping centre is good for us and that it is warmer to walk round the shopping centre than one of the lakes in Milton Keynes.

I played Kirby when we got home, it is my favourite game at the moment, and I also played some Club Penguin but I wasn't very good at that.

After dinner Mummy let Top Ender and me watch the Tom and Jerry Wizard of Oz cartoon and then we went to bed.