Thursday, 26 January 2012

No Wii for me

Mummy was really mean today and wouldn't let me play on the Wii. She said that I was playing on it too much and that we had to play other things. So I played with Lego and my sword and a little on Top Ender's DS and I watched TV and Mummy made cakes and did the dishes and moved lots of things out of the kitchen into the garage.

When we got Top Ender from School she played with Lego with me and we watched Lilo and Stitch until Mummy said it was time to tidy up. She let us both have a cake that she had made and then I helped her take a parcel next door.

I was really tired when I went to bed and Mummy let me lay in her bed so that we could read some books together. She read me a book about Dinosaurs eating their food and I liked it. She kept asking me questions about the pictures in the book, which was good as there were lots of different things to see in the pictures that made the story more fun.

It was a nice day but I hope I can play on the Wii tomorrow.

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