Saturday, 14 January 2012

Saturdays are for family

When me and Mummy came downstairs this morning we played on Kirby for a little while. When we got to the end of the level Mummy paused the game and went to make breakfast for her and me. Just as she went to sit down to eat her breakfast Tops came downstairs and so Mummy gave her the breakfast that Mummy was going to eat and Mummy made herself a new breakfast.

We all got dressed and after Mummy talked on the radio about things that we have been doing and are going to do we went shopping. I went shopping with Mummy this week and Tops went with Daddy to take some things to the Charity shop and then we got a McDonalds because it was our Saturday treat.

Daddy went out to some shops to get some things and whilst he was gone me and tops and Mummy played on Kirby again and we got all the parts we needed for the spaceship! It was really good and we all cheered but we haven't won the next level yet.

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