Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New coats, creme eggs and trainers

Today I got a new coat from Verbaudet because Mummy is part of the Verbaudet Blog Club and they sent one that she had chosen for me. Top Ender got a cape but she didn't wear it to School. I wore mine to pick Top Ender up and Top Ender and Mummy said they didn't recognise me. I like my new coat because it is really warm and it has a nice hood to keep my head and ears out of the cold!

After dinner Daddy said that he needed to go to Tesco to buy some new Trainers because his old trainers were falling apart and Mummy said that she needed to go to Tesco's to buy some things for dinner tomorrow so we all went to Tesco's! I went upstairs with Daddy to buy his trainers and Top Ender went with Mummy to get the food shopping that she needed. Mummy brought me and Top Ender a Cadbury's Creme Egg each and so we are going to eat that tomorrow after school.

It was a nice time with Mummy and Daddy and Top Ender.

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