Friday, 6 January 2012

Another Evening Out

We went back to Costco's tonight to buy Granny's new TV that we had found last night. It was a really big box and Top Ender was carrying a big box of cookies for us to share too.

I like Costco but it make me sad that they have a big playground tree house but I can't go in it because Daddy and Mummy say it isn't for playing on. Daddy says that it would take up all of our garden and that it costs more than our car but Top Ender says when we win the lottery we shall have two of them in a really big garden. Mummy laughed at that but I don't know why.

I was crying at the till and the lady who served us offered me a sweet from her bag. She said I could have two and she helped me chose ones which would be okay for me to eat as she said there were some hard ones in there. Even though Top Ender wasn't crying she let her have two too.

We had to stop at Tesco's but because there was the new TV in the car me and Top Ender and Mummy stayed in the car whilst Daddy went to get a special cable. Mummy said that Auntie Kitty is going to be having her baby soon and that we should come up with some names that we can suggest that she and Uncle W call the baby. I thought that Chicken was a good name and so Mummy called Auntie Kitty and left a message to say that we think she should call the baby Chicken. I think Mummy might call the baby Chicken on her blog.

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