Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Very Cheeky Monkey

I really wanted to play on the Wii today when I came downstairs with Mummy. She said she had to wake up so she could help me play, which was silly because she was awake as she had given me a piggy back down the stairs. I watched some cartoons and I drank some Orange Juice and then Mummy said it was time to play. We played Kirby and Mummy and I completed a whole new level! I was really pleased and told Top Ender when she came downstairs a little later.

Mummy made me and Top Ender a special fried breakfast and then everyone did something they thought was fun until we went shopping. Mummy took Top Ender to do the shopping and I went with Daddy to clean the car because it was really muddy after having been at Granny's new house.

Mummy made a roast dinner whilst we watched Mr Poppers Penguins on our projector and I was sneaky with Daddy and got him to search for the Tunnocks Tea Cakes every time Mummy went out of the kitchen. Mummy had to go out of the kitchen a lot as I made Daddy give Mummy a really big glass of water to drink!

After dinner and my bath I went up to bed and my Monkey was in my bed eating sweets and watching Curious George! He is such a cheeky monkey.

It was a really nice day with everyone having fun.

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