Monday, 23 January 2012

Laying still

Mummy and me played a lot of games today. I started by playing with my Duplo and I built some cars and a house and a playground. It was good because I got all the drawers out on my own and Mummy let me leave them out all day so I could play with them when I wanted. Mummy did say that I had to put them away before we got Top Ender from School though and I didn't like it but she said that I had to.

Mummy said that it was Chinese New Year and so I had some Prawn Crackers today and we watched Minnie's boutique too. When Daddy got home I told him that I didn't like him going to work because I like to play with him, but I can't if he isn't here. He said he will get up with me in the morning so that I can play with him.

When I went to bed, Daddy said I mustn't hide in my cover because he and Mummy have to keep sorting it out because it gets all lumpy. I laid really still in my bed and when Daddy came to check on me I hadn't moved at all!

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