Monday, 30 January 2012

No dinner on my green plate

Tonight I was sitting watching TV with Top Ender and Mummy when I remembered that I hadn't had any dinner. Mummy tried to pretend that I had because there was a pile of plates and cutlery on the fireplace but I knew I hadn't had any dinner.

I picked up my cutlery and sat on the sofa next to Mummy instead of in my little chair and talked to Mummy. She said she would go and make me something to eat and she teased me saying it would be Chicken because she knows that I don't like to eat chicken unless it is a Chicken nugget,

I had something in my eye so I used my fork to help get it out, but Mummy and Daddy said this was silly and that it was more than likely that what I had felt in my eye was really the fork! They are so silly at times thinking I wouldn't know the difference between a fork and some dirt!

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