Monday, 16 January 2012

The Library and shopping in the cold

Today we went to the library really early in the morning. Daddy dropped us off on his way to work and then me and Mummy had to wait five minutes because the Library wasn't open!

When we got into the library me and Mummy sat down in the children's area and she read me a couple of books that I found and she had hunted out. Mummy found books for Top Ender to read and for me too because Mummy says it is never too early to learn how to read. We got our books out and we filled up mine and Mummy's card because we already had some books out and so we used Top Ender's card.

We then went all the way through town looking in lots of shops and it was really cold and boring. Mummy said we had to do our jobs before we went home though because tomorrow is Daddy's birthday and Mummy thinks he would like to have some presents. I said we should get him some of his favourite juice which is Pepsi or Coke and then I found some Jammy Dodger biscuits, but Mummy says Daddy can't eat those but she put them in her basket anyway.

We got the bus home and I played Angry Birds and then I pushed the button to make the bus stop. Mummy said to me "Don't forget to say Thank you and Good Bye to the Bus Driver" but I do always remember and so I said it when I got off and the bus driver said Good Bye to me.

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