Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Day With Granny

We went to Granny's house today so that Daddy could put together her bed and wardrobe and we could take her out for some KFC and to look for some curtains for her new home. We went to Auntie Kitty's house before we went out and I played with my cousins toys. They weren't there but they came home before we left so I got to see them. Uncle W kept saying that I was really big, but I am just as big as I was yesterday. I think that he didn't know that.

We went to go and get KFC but I fell asleep before we got there but as I didn't want any that was good. When I woke up I had a McDonalds and then we met up with Granny in Dunelm Mills, which is Granny and Mummy's favourite shop. Granny brought me a word sign that is green and says Home and I am going to get Mummy to put it in my bedroom.

At night we came home from Granny's and we watched a 3D movie on the projector with the glasses Daddy got for Christmas and then I went to bed. Mummy lay in bed with me for a little while which I liked.

I really like Granny's new house and her TV because it is big and it shows dinosaur films although Mummy says that we have the dinosaur film on the TV at our house too.

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