Friday, 20 January 2012

An ordinary day

I woke up late this morning and Mummy got me dressed before I even had my breakfast! I thought that she was going to make me go to the shops or something but really she just wanted to get her jobs done quickly so she could play with making baby presents for Chicken!

Mummy and me played some more Kirby when Daddy went to work and Mummy got some more cogs for me. Then she said it was time to turn the computer off and we played games and I played on Top Enders DS for a little while too. For lunch Mummy made me a cheese sandwich and I wanted it cut into squares. Mummy said I was really good because I ate it all up.

Mummy made some pasta for dinner but I didn't like it because it wasn't yellow, so when I went to bed Mummy let me sneak some chocolate. I watched a bit of Ben 10 with Mummy and then she said I had to go to sleep and that she was going downstairs to watch her TV programme.

Overall it was a good day but I can't wait for tomorrow because I am going to a Dinosaur Pirate party and I can wear my Pirate costume!

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