Saturday, 21 January 2012

A Dinosaur Pirate Party

When I woke up this morning Mummy got into my bed and asked me lots of questions about things that I liked and didn't like. I told her that I like bananas, apples and oranges and that I like peas and carrots and roast potatoes and Yorkshire Pudding, but that I don't like Chicken unless it is in nuggets. She laughed at me and she didn't go back to sleep and so I think that means that she liked the answers that I gave her.

When we went downstairs this morning I didn't watch TV or play on the Wii, but Mummy did make me some porridge for breakfast and she got special Orange juice for me too. After I ate that I had a banana and I liked that because Mummy remembered that I like Bananas!

After we went to the shops to get a birthday present I went to a Dinosaur Pirate Party. I dressed up as a pirate because I had a costume that I got for Christmas from Mummy and Daddy. It was lots of fun and I ran around and played and Top Ender was allowed to come to the party and so I played with her too.

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