Thursday, 19 January 2012

Haircuts and Food I don't like

Today we dropped Daddy off at work so that we could have the car. We drove to HobbyCraft because Mummy wanted some things and she let me look at everything too. I like looking at things in HobbyCraft but I don't like it when Mummy takes ages to look at things. We went to Asda and brought some clothes for Chicken as a gift and Mummy brought a cereal tub and some pedal bin liners to make a bin in the car.

Afterwards Mummy took me to the hairdressers. I didn't want to have my haircut but she said that I had to because my hair was too long and it needed a good cut. The lady cut my hair and it was funny after a while because Mummy kept telling me funny things to get me to sit still and look forward.

At lunchtime Mummy had made a roll for me and her and it had Chicken and Bacon inside it. I told her that I don't like Chicken but I ate the roll and the bacon. She let me have a cake that she made for Daddy's birthday as a pudding and she also let me have lots of juice.

We had pork burgers for dinner and I didn't want to eat it but Daddy helped me and then I found out that I liked them. Mummy was really pleased and cuddled me lots and she said that I was a clever boy.

When I went to bed Mummy had put on my Fireman Sam bed cover and it was nice to go to sleep with new covers.

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