Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Birthdays and Dinosaurs

Today was Daddy's birthday and when we woke up this morning Mummy said we had to play quiet so she could get some things ready. Mummy made breakfast for me and for Top Ender and then we got dressed so that we could sit on the bed when Daddy opened his presents. Mummy let me give Daddy my presents first. I had chosen Pepsi to give him and he was excited when he opened them up.

I played with Mummy in the daytime and with Top Ender too after School and Mummy made bread for Daddy and it smelt nice but not as nice as the cakes that she made when she was making our Roast Dinner.

In the evening when it was bed time, Nanna and Grandad came round to give Daddy a birthday card. They were funny and they gave me lots of kisses and hugs and they had some of Mummy's bread and some of her cakes too. When they went home I got ready for bed and Mummy read me some of my Dinosaur train book and then I watched some Dinosaur Train in bed.

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