Thursday, 5 January 2012

An Evening Out

Today was a normal day with Mummy doing cleaning and playing with me and me helping Mummy when I wasn't playing. In the evening with Daddy came home he asked Mummy if we were going out and she said she had forgotten. We went to Costco because we were looking for a new TV for Granny as she has a really old one and it keeps turning itself off.

After we had looked round all of the TV's and the rest of the shop I was hungry so Mummy and Daddy asked if I would like a Hot Dog. Top Ender and I had one each and Mummy and Daddy shared our drinks with us. It was really nice and lots of fun and then afterwards we went to Tesco. Mummy and Daddy got some hot dogs for their dinner as Daddy couldn't eat the ones they sold in Costco.

I like staying up late as it means that I am a Big Boy and because I get lots of treats!

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