Tuesday, 31 January 2012

I like music

Today Mummy said I could wear my headphones to School and could take my ipod as long as I held her hand all the time.

So I walked all the way to School and all the way to where we stand for Top Ender and held Mummy's hand. When we got to the seats near Top Enders classroom I sat down on them and listened to my music. All of Mummy's friends were giggling at me because I had my music on.

On the way home I held Mummy and Top Enders hand and listened to my music. I didn't want to stop listening when I was taking my coat off but Mummy made me. Then Top Ender did her violin practice and me and Mummy did some jobs before Mummy let me and Top Ender watch Lilo and Stitch and then Winx Club.

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