Wednesday, 1 February 2012

A cold walk home

This morning Mummy and I went to town. Mummy has lots of jobs to do at home and she said that she needed some things to make a good job. We were in town so early that some of the shops weren't even open! We went into PoundLand and brought some things for Easter and we went to Wilkinsons to buy the things Mummy needed.

When we had finished we walked home. Mummy said we could get the Bus but I said we should walk home. When we walked underneath the bridge I shouted "CARS STOP!" and Mummy shouted "BUM!". It was really cold but Mummy said my new coat was thick enough to keep me warm if I kept my hood up and because I had my gloves on.

When I got home I had a bit of chocolate and a drink and then the post lady came and brought me a parcel of some craft things! Mummy and me are going to do them tomorrow because they look lots of fun and we think we need lots of time.

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