Tuesday, 28 February 2012

A walk to town and an adventure for Pizza

When I got up this morning I went downstairs with Daddy and we had toast for breakfast. When Mummy came downstairs she said that I had to get dressed but I didn't want to and so Mummy did some of her jobs. A parcel for Top Ender came from Nanny B and Mummy said that we had to go out later in the day and that if we didn't that she would take me in my pyjamas! I got dressed and them Mummy and me walked to town to get what we needed.

On the way home from Town I was really tired and I told Mummy that we should get the bus. We were already walking home though and so Mummy said if I could make it just a little bit further to the next bus stop that I could get the bus there. Mummy was tricking me though because we were at a bus stop already and the next bus stop is nearly at our house! Just as she said it though a bus came and so we got on it and we got off at the shop.

Mummy brought me a fruit pot and I ate it as we walked home from the shop and when I got home I had a doughnut and some crisps and some of Mummy's sandwich too. After we picked Top Ender up she played with me in the back garden again like last night and then we came in and watched some television. When Daddy came home Mummy and Top Ender went to Top Enders school for Parents Evening and me and Daddy stayed at home to do make pizza for dinner.

When we were making the pizza Daddy said we had to go on an adventure because we didn't have any tomato paste to put on the pizza and so I had to put on my shoes and go in the car to the little shop to get some. We went really quickly and we wanted to beat Mummy and Top Ender home but they got home just before us. We had pizza for dinner and then after I had got washed Mummy gave me a piggyback to my bed. Mummy said I should go to sleep because I was really tied and had been all day but I didn't think I was.

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