Friday, 3 February 2012

A surprise visit and a surprise parcel

Today me and Mummy were planning on not doing a lot when the phone rang. It was Auntie Kitty and she wanted to know if we were in and if she and some of my cousins could come round. Mummy said yes and so I got to play with them at my house! Mummy helped Auntie Kitty to make some birthday invites for Big Cousins birthday party and I showed all the rest of them how to play on the wii and in the den. Everyone was having fun and Auntie Kitty took everyone home at lunchtime because they had to pick Big Cousin up from School.

Whilst Auntie Kitty was here I opened up a parcel that came for me and it was a new jumper from Nanny B. It had a hood but no sleeves and Mummy said it was hard to make and that I should be really thankful to Nanny for making it. Mummy and Auntie Kitty also said that I looked really good wearing it.

After we had lunch we picked Top Ender up from School and after buying Top Ender a ticket to her School Disco we came home and watched some cartoons so that when Daddy came home we were ready to go shopping. I don't like going shopping, but Mummy and Daddy say that we have to or we won't have any food.

When we got home Mummy helped me eat my dinner of spaghetti and garlic bread because I was sad as my bottom was sore and it was red. When I went to bed I was allowed to watch some TV and I used the remote control to turn it to a different cartoon when nobody was looking.

It was a fun day but it was also a long day.

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