Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunshine, walks and dinner

Mummy had told Daddy that he could have her lay in today because he had to get up early on Monday because Mummy had the radio people coming so it was a surprise for me when she came into my bedroom. We went downstairs and Mummy and me watched some cartoons and had some breakfast and we played some games too. When Daddy got up Mummy started to do some cleaning and she helped me to get dressed so that I could go in the garden as it was really sunny and Daddy was going to cut the grass.

Daddy and Top Ender and me tidied up the playhouse and played in the garden whilst we mowed the lawn and put all the broken things in the garden in the bin. When Mummy had finished cleaning up and we finished tidying up the garden we decided we were going to go to for a walk. I decided that we should have a picnic as it was a nice day outside and so I put crisps in my backpack and then we all drove to Shenley Woods. It was nice walking round the woods, but a bit cold because there was a wind and so we ate our picnic in the car and we had a drink from the orange juices that we keep in the car.

We went up to the city to go for a walk because Mummy needed some things and so did Daddy. Daddy brought me a cookie pop and when we came home Mummy went and made dinner and listened to her programme on the radio. We all sat at the table to eat our dinner and we said a prayer and I ate it all up because I was being a very good boy.

After dinner we watched a film on the projector and then it was time for bed. It was a nice time with everyone and I liked having an ice-cream.

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