Friday, 24 February 2012

Tidying up and a new room

When Daddy went to work this morning he told Mummy not to work too hard, but Mummy said that she had plans for doing my bedroom and so was going to work really hard! Mummy asked if I wanted to help her but I didn't and so I had played down stairs but would go up and see Mummy every so often and she would come downstairs to see me too.

Mummy worked really hard and put all my toys into her room before she cleated space for my new units, but it was good because she said it meant she realised that I didn't actually have a lot of toys I just didn't have a good way of storing them all.

Mummy let me climb up the units when she had built them because she said that I wasn't going to be allowed to climb them when my room was all finished as it would be dangerous. I liked climbing up and looking out the window because Mummy had taken down the blind and I could see all the garden. When Daddy got home he said that he liked my room because it looked really nice and tidy and he said he would help Mummy tomorrow to make it look even better.

I didn't go to bed until late but I got to play on the wii so it didn't matter.

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