Sunday, 12 February 2012

Sunday funday

Today we went to Granny's house to help Daddy put up Granny's pictures. It was really nice to see Granny as I didn't get to see her yesterday as Daddy and I stayed at home. Mummy and Granny were really funny and they kept making Daddy move things so they could tease him.

On the way home I had a sleep because I was really tired but Daddy woke me up when we got home so that I didn't not want to go to bed at bedtime. I was hungry and so Daddy gave everyone a scone that he had made in the morning time. Mummy and Daddy had theirs with cream and jam but I only had mine with butter because I don't like jam.

After a little while Mummy went and started to make dinner for us. She made Roast Chicken and Roast Potatoes and peas and carrots and I ate it all up even the Chicken and Mummy and Daddy said that I was a really good boy because I did that. As I was a really good boy Daddy said I could have some ice cream for pudding and so he made me and Top Ender a pig ice-cream. It was really yummy.

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