Friday, 17 February 2012

An adventure day that didn't go that far

Today we were going to have an adventure but Mum says that even the best laid plans sometimes go to waste and so our adventure wasn't with Pirates but with each other! We took Daddy to work so that we could have the car and then after we dropped him off we were going to go to Ikea to have breakfast, but it didn't open until an hour later and so we went to Tesco instead.

We brought some things in Tesco to have an adventure day with and when we went home we ate curly sausages. We all like Curly sausages so it was fun to sit together and eat them. We played in the garden for a little while and Mummy did the dishes and some cleaning and Top Ender kept cleaning our playhouse in the garden!

In the afternoon Mummy showed us how to do some Marbling of some paper and some special hearts and birds. It was a lot of fun because I like making things and because we made pretty pictures that looked like a map, and a planet and a sea! Mummy said that when everything was dry we could do more crafts with the things that we made today.

We went to get a parcel that we had missed being delivered and it had cake things in. Mummy said we can make some cool cakes this weekend with the things in it. Then we went to the Library and I got sad because I didn't get a book out. Mummy cheered me up though by singing Dinosaur Train with me. We are really pleased that they are going to be on Nick Jr soon too. I'm glad I'm a friend of Nick Jr.

We had dinner at Ikea and Mummy and Daddy had some juice whilst me and Top Ender ate our meatballs. When we went home it was bedtime and so Mummy helped me get into my pyjamas and then into bed and she said she would sleep in my bed with me but that I had to go to sleep first. I love my Mum.

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