Monday, 13 February 2012

A indoor outdoor picnic

This morning Mummy came downstairs with me and Top Ender and made us breakfast. Whilst we were eating she got our clothes ready and we got dressed quickly so we could go to Town. I wore a t-shirt with a shirt over the top and so did Top Ender. When Mummy went and got ready she put make up on and so she looked really different.

Daddy gave us a lift into town and Mummy said she had jobs to do, she had to get some pictures taken of her and she had to have some other pictures printed that were for Nanny B. We did some other things in some of the other shops and I suggested we should have a picnic lunch and so Mummy brought some mini sausages and some sausage rolls for us and we got the bus home.

I was allowed to push the button on the bus and the lady bus driver said goodbye as we got off the bus. Mummy said that if I wanted to wave to the bus as it went I could and Top Ender waved with me and the bus driver did a really big wave to us!

We had our picnic lunch and it was really fun especially as we were allowed yum yums for pudding. We had it on the picnic mat in the living room because it was raining outside. It was really nice because I like sausages and sausage rolls and it was nice to eat lunch with Top Ender.

I had a nice day and played lots with Top Ender and Mummy and we watched lots of TV too.

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