Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Jobs and potatoes

Mummy said she was all energetic today and that we had to use it all up. We went outside into the front garden and cleared up all the leaves and weeds and stinging nettles and bits of rubbish that have gathered in our front garden. It was good because I was allowed to take Mac and Ms Ladybird outside and I helped Mummy pick up some of the leaves and the sticks and everything else too. The postman gave us some letters and Mummy let me post them through the letter box so I could pretend I was a real postman.

Mummy and me made a monster picture frame from the Yellow Moon things that were sent to us. I liked it, Mummy helped me stick everything up and I chose where the eyes got stuck. I liked it but Mummy said that it didn't turn out as good as she wanted it to. We are going to put it up in my room when we have finished making it look like a big boy room. Mummy says we are going to make more things in the next few days because we have lots of materials to make some nice pictures from.

When I went to School I slipped over on some mud and I made my trousers all muddy. Mummy said I should take them off when I get home and put my pyjamas on after getting cleaned up. I surprised her by remembering that and getting changed and washed up and Mummy said that made me a really good boy. For dinner we had jacket potatoes and beans and cheese and then I played on the wii with Daddy and Mummy and Top Ender before I raced Daddy up to bed.

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