Sunday, 19 February 2012

Dinner with Granny at my house

Today Daddy and me got up in the morning and played until Mummy came downstairs. She was sneaky because she came downstairs to give Daddy his phone and she played with me for a little while but then she sneaked back off to bed! I had been playing on the Wii for a little while and when Daddy said it was time for it to turn off I got angry because I wanted to keep on playing. Mummy said though that she wanted to take me to Ikea to buy something and she said a doughnut but I wanted an ice-cream so Daddy brought me both!

After we had got back Mummy started to make lunch and did the dishes and then me and Mummy went to pick up Top Ender and Granny so they could come for lunch. I went to sleep and only woke up after we were nearly home and so I got out of the car with Granny and talked to her whilst Mummy made the rest of dinner.

We all sat at the table for lunch and afterwards Granny and me and Mummy sat on the sofa and played. It was lots of fun to be with everyone I love lots.

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