Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentines Day

Today was Valentines Day which Mummy and Daddy said was to show everyone we loved them. Mummy had already planned a special dinner for us because Daddy was going to be out at work and so I knew that even if it was only for a little while that we would celebrate too.

In the morning I woke up early and so Daddy let me watch some TV in bed and then after a little while I went downstairs with him. Daddy I made some Heart shaped Valentines Cards for Mummy and Top Ender and we put them into our post boxes that Mummy and Daddy made. It was nice because it showed Mummy and Top Ender that I loved them.

Mummy and me and Top Ender did some playing and watching TV and then the post lady came and she brought a lot of Warner Bros DVD's for me and Top Ender to watch. We watched a Tom and Jerry DVD and it was really good. I like that they sent them to us and I told Mummy to say Thank you.

For dinner we had Lasagne and Spaghetti from Tesco and we were allowed to watch a film in bed. Top Ender helped me and I chose to watch Lilo and Stitch because it is about friends who love each other. Top Ender watched the Corpse Bride because it is about love too. Mummy said she was going downstairs to watch a DVD until Daddy came home but I don't think she did.

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