Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Just an ordinary Wednesday

I got up with Daddy and Top Ender this morning and had a brioche for breakfast. I had tried to do a wee but hadn't been able to get my trousers down properly and so Daddy helped me get washed and dressed and then when Mummy came downstairs she was surprised to see I was all dressed already!

I wanted to play on the Wii, but Mummy said that if I was going to play now that I wouldn't be able to play tonight. I said that I understood but that I really wanted to play on the Wii and so I played Sonic at the Olympics. It was good because I like playing the games and I was really good at doing them too. Mummy didn't get dressed for ages but when she did she turned off the Wii and told me that we had to play something else.

Mummy helped me make a monster boss for my lunch and I put some of the bread in the grapes and it tasted nice, but Mummy said she thought it would taste disgusting so I tricked her into eating some!

When Top Ender came home we played in the garden again and Mummy gave us some Jaffa cakes to eat and a chocolate lolly! We had jacket potatoes for dinner and I only had cheese on mine and then we played Donkey Kong before I went to bed.

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