Thursday, 9 February 2012

No computers, lots of TV and a nice dinner

Mummy said yesterday that I'm not allowed to play on the Wii or on Top Ender's DS for a whole week because I was naughty and didn't go to the toilet when I needed to and so had an accident three times. Today I watched cartoons and had an accident two more times and so Mummy said that I wasn't allowed to play in the Den either. I was really angry, but Mummy explained to me that because I wouldn't listen to what my body was telling me because I was too involved in the computer games that I had to learn to listen again.

We watched some Dinosaur Train and some Curious George and The Cat In The Hat because I like all of those. Mummy and me played a bit too and I read some books too. When Top Ender came home I played with some Duplo whilst she did her homework and then because Top Ender was going to her School disco we had dinner early and it was sausage and beans.

Daddy came home as we were eating our Smarties Ice cream pudding and it was a surprise as he came home early! Daddy helped me to wash my hands because I got ice cream on them and then Top Ender got ready to go to her disco. Daddy took Top Ender to her disco and me and Mummy watched some Phineas and Ferb and I sang the songs. It was a really good day.

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