Monday, 27 February 2012

Chores and playtime

This morning Mummy was on the radio again, but they sent a car to us so that a real lady could talk to Mummy instead of on the phone. We all got up early and we all got dressed and had our breakfast before the lady came and then when Mummy went on the radio I went upstairs with Daddy and Top Ender.

After Daddy went to work me and Mummy started doing some work. Mummy cleaned up lots of things which she said were her jobs to do. She sorted out a big pile of rubbish and a big pile of things that had to be put away and a pile of things that had to go into different places too. It didn't take long but Mummy said it made a big change to everything because it looked more tidy now.

When it was nearly lunchtime me and Mummy walked to the shop. I did some marching and we sang some songs and we did a little bit of racing too. At the shops I got a drink and some cakes and Mummy couldn't find her things that she needed so we went home. Mummy made me a ham sandwich and I ate it all up with my drink from the shop.

After we picked Top Ender up from School we played in the back garden whilst Mummy did the dishes and made dinner. We had a chicken pie which had leftovers from yesterday in and I didn't think I like it but Mummy dipped it in tomato sauce and it tasted nicer.

After Dinner daddy helped me into bed and I fell asleep really quickly because I was tired after our walk to the shop.

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