Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Cleaning up all the mess

Today Mummy said that we had to sort out the mess that was our den and living room. She said that we had to put all the toys into the middle of the living room and then we had to sort them all out and put the ones upstairs that belonged upstairs and the ones that should have been downstairs we had to put away properly.

We started putting all the toys into a pile when Mummy was busy doing something else and then when Mummy saw what we were doing she was really proud of us. We finished doing all the toys and then Mummy said we could take a break because we had worked hard. Whilst we were having a break Mummy started sorting out piles of toys. She moved some toys into a throw away pile and I rescued a few toys that she didn't realise I wanted. After we had sorted all the toys into piles Mummy and me and Top Ender put them all away. The Den was really tidy and Mummy said that it was really good but that we should tidy up some more things to make the whole living room look tidy.

We tidied up the drawing drawers and Mummy and Top Ender tidied up the dining table because there were lots of Mummy's things on there that she said we had to help clear up. I don't know why though because it was all her stuff!

When Daddy came home he was really impressed with the living room looking tidy and he said we were really good to help make it look so good.

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