Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Home made Play Doh

Today Mummy said we could make more things from our Cubby box. She asked me what I wanted to make and I said I wanted to make Squishy Aliens. We got all the things out of the box that we needed but Mummy said the oil lid hadn't been put on properly and so she used her own oil and food colouring. Mummy let me stand on Mac to see the top of the oven so I could see what she did as she was cooking the Play Doh and when it was time to kneed it I left Mummy to it whilst I went and played.

Afterwards Mummy brought the new green Play Doh through to me and she and me made lots of Alien monsters. Some of them were friendly and some of them I had to fight!

I really liked making my own Play Doh and Mummy said it felt nicer to her than real Play Doh too.

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