Saturday, 11 February 2012

A day with Daddy

Today Mummy went on to the Radio twice. She talked early in the morning about Valentines day and about how you can celebrate Valentines day without spending a lot of money and it was really boring, but then later she did her normal radio show and Top Ender listened and said that she talked about how it was half term and all the fun we were going to have.

When Mummy finished on the radio me and Daddy went to McDonalds to get our lunch as Mummy was going to Granny's house with Top Ender and they were going to have lunch with her. Me and Daddy had a good time together and we played lots and we watched Tom and Jerry.

Daddy went and got some Oranges in the afternoon so that I could use them with my new orange juicer cup that I got from McDonalds. It was really nice and I drank it all up and said that I wanted to have some more tomorrow.

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