Saturday, 25 February 2012

Family time

I got up with Mummy this morning and we went downstairs to watch some television. Top Ender came downstairs too and after a little while Mummy went and made us breakfast of Bullseye Egg. We really like having a hot breakfast at the weekend and Mummy likes making them for us. When Daddy got up and Mummy had finished doing her bit on the radio Mummy and Daddy spent AGES talking about making my room better because the toys that Mummy says that I can keep didn't have enough places to live because they are so BIG.

I didn't want to get out of my pyjamas but I wanted to play outside and so Mummy said I had to get changed. I put on my Phineas T-Shirt that Boden sent us to do a review of ages ago and as it was so hot I put on shorts too! Mummy showed me this video that she made of me and Top Ender when we got these clothes.

In the afternoon Mummy and Daddy took me and Top Ender to Sainsburys to buy lots of meat for the freezer. I helped find the meat that we needed to find and I brought some doughnuts that had Homer Simpson on and Top Ender brought some ice creams for us to have after lunch tomorrow. I played Donkey Kong on the Wii with Top Ender and then I played Mario Kart with Daddy but Mummy helped me to beat him.

I brushed my teeth with my new toothpaste and then went to bed where Daddy tucked me in and Mummy came for a cuddle. It was a nice day because we were all together.

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