Monday, 20 February 2012

Dora muffins, the Wii and yucky fish

Today Top Ender went back to School and I thought that when Daddy got back from dropping Top Ender at school he was going to play on the Wii with me but he meant when he got back from work at night time. I was sad but said I would wait for him to play on the wii with me.

During the day me and Mummy made cakes for Daddy without any egg and we made some Dora banana muffins too. I like cooking and I'm pleased that the people asked Mummy to look at the magazine with me so that we can make things. Mummy made a video of me making the cakes.

I did some playing and watched some TV and when Top Ender came home she played with me in the garden but it was really cold so we came in after a little while to have a snack.

After dinner which was yucky fish I played on the Wii with Daddy whilst Top Ender and Mummy went to the Supermarket to buy some things they had forgotten to get and we had used up when we were cooking today. I didn't want to stop playing but the Wii crashed because it said it was time for a rest and so I went to bed after Daddy helped me to brush my teeth.

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