Thursday, 2 February 2012

Trying to do it on my own

Today wasn't a busy day. When I woke up in the morning Daddy let me play on Top Ender's DS and then I needed the toilet so I took myself downstairs to go for a poo. The only problem was I couldn't wipe my bum and so it sort of got everywhere. Luckily it was about then that Daddy heard me and so he came downstairs to clean me and the bathroom up.

Daddy got me washed and dressed and he gave me some breakfast too. I had toast with a bit of chocolate spread on it and a satsuma and some juice and my juice got spilt on my top so Daddy and I put on my monkey top. When I went to wake up Mummy I put my monkey George under my chin so that my monkey body t-shirt had a monkey head!

I watched some cartoons with Top Ender before she went to school because all her school uniform was ready for her to put on because she put it all out last night. It was a nice morning.

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