Thursday, 12 January 2012

Doughnuts and Buses

Today Mummy got Daddy to drop her and me into Town. Mummy wanted to go to the bank as she had to pay some money in and I wanted to buy a doughnut from Greggs. We started at the bank and I got to play with the toy table and all the ladies and men behind the counter said Hello and Goodbye to me!

In the bakers I looked at all the cakes and chose one for me and Top Ender to have and I asked Mummy to buy me some Ribena too. We waved at the lady in the cake and party shop and then Mummy brought some jeans and we brought some birthday cards for Daddy.

Mummy said we could get the bus home because I said my legs were tired. The bus we went on wasn't an old bus like normal but a new bus and the driver wasn't a normal driver either. He was funny and he talked to me and joked with Mummy too. I liked the bus because it had nice lights that were purple at the front and spot lights at the back which is where I sat with Mummy.

I ate my doughnut when I got home and Mummy said I was a messy puppy because it was all over my face. It was a really good day.

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