Saturday, 17 March 2012

Sausage muffin day

On Saturdays after Mummy has been on the radio we like to go out and do things like a walk or go shopping and today we wanted to do that but it was raining so we didn't think going for a walk would be a good idea. Me and Mummy built a big fort with my Lego Duplo and I had a sausage muffin that Mummy made. Top Ender didn't get up for ages and so I had some snacks with Mummy and we watched some TV together too.

When it was time to get dressed I got dressed with Daddy and he had to go and do some things so he said that when he was coming back he would get me my lunch which was a McDonalds today. Me and Top Ender shared a big nugget share box and it was yummy.

We did go for a walk at the City and we looked in some shops and I sat down on the floor in the big hall and ate a cookie. I liked eating my cookie. When we finished at the shops we went home and we all played lots of different games and with different toys and then I played Donkey Kong with Daddy on the Wii.

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