Saturday, 3 March 2012

A fun Saturday

Mummy, Daddy, Top Ender and I had lots of fun today. In the morning it was just me and Mummy who got up and we pretended to be Surgeons and we sewed up Super Dog so that he would be able to take part in our version of Crufts. I was really excited that Mummy fixed Super Dog and I gave him lots of cuddles after.

We went to the park in the morning and we had it all to ourselves! We all played on the swings and Daddy took some 3D video of me on the swing and then Mummy and Daddy took pictures of us all on my Pirate Ship Climbing Frame.

Standing on the Climbing Frame

Daddy went and got me and Top Ender a McDonalds for lunch and he made a Bacon Burger for Mummy and him. I got ketchup all over my face but Mummy wiped it up with some Tesco face wipes that Tesco sent to her.  They smell of fruit and I said I didn't like the smell but I was only joking!

At night time Daddy made me and Top Ender a funny snack for tea and after we had eaten it we played on the Wii before it was time for bed. Daddy and me brushed my teeth and then Daddy let me watch a cartoon in bed. It was a nice day together and I can't wait until tomorrow!

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