Sunday, 4 March 2012

Family game night

I got up with Daddy today and I was allowed to play on the Wii with him and play Donkey Kong with him. I like playing Donkey Kong with him because Daddy is really good and has been helping me to win. 

It was raining today and Daddy ran into the kitchen and found that the roof was leaking, Daddy quickly turned off the lights in the whole of the downstairs because he said we didn't want to get electrocuted. We went out to the shops to buy something to put on the roof to stop the leak and as we were getting in the car the rain started to turn into snow!

We had a Roast dinner again today which was nice because Mummy gave me some Yorkshire Puddings which  I like the most and she gave me Chicken that was nice. She told me that it was out of Chicken Nuggets and so I ate it all up, but I know that it was from the Chicken that she cooked in the kitchen.

After we had dinner together today we played on the Wii and played Mario Party 9 together. It was lots of fun even though Top Ender won and I didn't. It made me really mad but I know that it doesn't matter because we will play again another day and then I will win.

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