Friday, 2 March 2012

Bedtime with Daddy

Mummy and me had a good day today. We had chips for lunch because I wanted some and Mummy had a Hot Chocolate which she said was a good mix!

I played with my Lego and made some Boss Men to put into the Wii games so that we could fight them and Mummy read lots of books with me too. We did lots of washing and tidying up and then when Mummy had finished putting things away we went and got Top Ender from School.

Mummy made Risotto for dinner and then she had a headache so she went to bed and Daddy helped me to get to bed. Daddy told me that he was going to go shopping and that if I could be a good boy that Mummy and Top Ender would listen out for me. They didn't need to listen out for me though because I was really good and when Daddy came home he came and checked on me and Mummy said that she thought I was asleep but I wasn't I was just really quiet!

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