Sunday, 18 March 2012

Mothers Day

It was Mothers Day today and we woke Mummy up with cards and breakfast in bed. She was very thankful and she gave me and Top Ender lots of kisses. We went back downstairs with Daddy and we ate more breakfast because we had already had some brioche. When Mummy got up Daddy said that me and him and Top Ender were going out for a little while. Mummy had said we should go and have fun whilst she caught up on some work, but I think she just wanted to play on the computer without us.

We went to Splash Zone at Gullivers Park and it wasn't very busy but it was lots of fun. There are lots of slides that you can go on and little bits of water to splash in and to get wet under. Daddy came with me because he wanted to go on some of the slides to but I soon zoomed off without him. When we went to get dressed Daddy told Top Ender that she could stay and play for a few more minutes as the changing rooms were really small. Me and Daddy got dressed and then we waited for Top Ender to get dressed.

Daddy took us for a picnic lunch but because it was raining we ate it in the car. We had some chicken legs and some sausages and sausage rolls and juice. It was nice because I sat in the front with Daddy and Top Ender sat behind me but I didn't like the little egg balls so we took them home for Mummy.

When we got home Mummy was pleased to see us and she asked us lots of questions about the splash zone but if she wanted to know about it she should have come! After a little while Mummy went to make dinner because we have a roast on Sundays. We all sat at the table and then we had a bath and then we played on the Mario Party game and Mummy won. I wanted to win, but Mummy said that I might win next time and that it is just a luck thing.

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